Whether you're a beginner who wants to try surfing for the first time, an experienced surfer who wants to advance to the next level or a contest pro, a private surf lesson at American Surf Academy is for you!

Our professional, expert surf instructors are trained to work with people of all ages and skill levels. Every instructor is hand selected by Surf Diva Surf School and goes through our intensive training program. Our instructors are also certified in CPR and First Aid, so you can feel assured that you are getting the best surf training in the world.

You can schedule a private lesson just for yourself or with a small group of friends or family members. It's great fun to take a lesson with your kids, friends or with your significant other!  

We will provide you with a surfboard as part of the package, or alternatively you can bring your own.  Wetsuit rentals are available for $5 per lesson (+ 10% City of San Diego surcharge)**.

If you are competing in a surfing contest, we can also provide one-on-one coaching with one of our head instructors to help you prepare. Let us help you take your surfing to the next level!

Since in a private lesson we want to set you up with an instructor who is just perfect for you and we also want to know as much as possible about you and your goals, booking a private lesson is only possible over the phone. Our office team awaits your call at 858.454.8273. Office hours are daily between 8:00am and 5:30pm

Private Lesson Rates (all rates include a 10% City of San Diego surcharge) - No hidden feesprivatelessonrates2016